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The Emirati wedding is noted as one the most traditional middle-eastern Islamic wedding up to date which is an elaborate affair that lasts for 7 days of celebration. Capture every luxury of Emirati weddings; from the pre-wedding gatherings of four days to the famous Bridal Henna party “Laylat al Hennaor” to the final marriage vows”Nikkah” and lastly the ever so extravagant wedding receptions.

Milcha Photography Session

Let Masha Popova's lenses visualize this wonderful moment of Milcha or matrimony when Mulla will solemnize the marriage of couples in witness of their family and friends with a bright smile on couples face.

Henna Photography Session

Henna night is a gathering of bride's friends and family before the wedding which is allocated to women gathering and Masha Popova will give a true meaning to your Henna night with mind-blowing photoshoot of a wonderful collaboration of henna design, colors, dress and decorations around the bride.

Wedding Reception Session

Step into the visionary camerawork by Masha Popova of the flamboyant, awe-stricken luxurious wedding receptions which are organized at the lavish 5-7 hotels or Emirati traditional wedding halls. Capturing every moment of the extravagant arrival of the bride and her husband in the wedding hall to the blissful emotions of the newly wedded couple. After the short departure of the husband, ladies from the bride’s family greet the bride followed by music and dances in their splendid colorful attire. Witness the famously traditional Emirati male dance recorded through brilliantly shot photographs by Masha Popova’s artistic camerawork.  Instruments such as customary drums are played by the males with the groom in the middle and beside him his immediate family members who are all carrying traditional sticks which they dance with.

The entire coverage of the ever so grand Emirati wedding, Masha Popova’s camera skills and professionalism towards the angles, timings, and emotions of the celebration will ensure that the day shall be remembered in lifetimes to come.