Family Photography

I capture every milestone from the excitement of a newborn baby, to the birthday celebrations, to your baby’s first day at school, and of course- a family photo. The perfect way to capture the wonder of this unique time in a stunning, unforgettable way. Make this one of your favorite shoots, in the comfort of your home, photographs of family too. Getting the entire family together at the right place at the right time and then struggling to fit them in a photo frame can be a nightmare. Masha Popova is just a call away to help you capture a family photograph on the walls of your house. With the professionalism and friendly attitude towards the families, Masha Popova will capture those memorable emotions and moments into a spectacular vibrant photograph. Every person will be perfectly positioned and the camera’s perfect angling would add to the ideal quality set as a benchmark by the clients. You can share your child’s barefoot moments, their birthdays, and their graduation. Gift them a memory that will last a lifetime. I do not want you to simply remember the day of your shoot when you look through the photos and videos in the years to come. Remembering a moment in time is exactly what I wish for you. Smiling, reminiscing, and enjoying those memories for the years to come. 

Up-Close and Personal Photography

Masha Popova’s photography has a natural talent for working with babies and children, keeping them entertained and engaged throughout your session. Their personalities will be captured so their cheeky laughs and shy smiles are never forgotten. A spacious, child-friendly studio; a party venue, or your favorite family hangout for photography- you name it and Masha Popova will be right there at your service.