Event Photography

The documentation of your event your event is a breeze with a creative and discreet photographer. An event photography is an art that requires professionalism and vision to achieve the perfect image. Masha Popova‘s expert photographic vision does not miss a moment that is valuable. I offer special event photography services, with the uniqueness and creative camerawork that would be perfect to showcase your event from the luxurious interior to the overall activities, to further capture your desired audience. Whether you’re hosting a large corporate event, conference, an outdoor sports event, awards presentations or exhibitions, Masha Popova’s proficiency towards visualizing images will capture impacted, unique, visually striking photographs. Hire the expert to remove the hassle, access the photographs quickly, with affordable packages for all budgets.


My passion for event photography and videography, with experience capturing some of the largest and highest profile events in Dubai, adds to Masha Popova’s specialization in this field. from Art exhibitions to Jazz Festivals, to Fashion shows, excellence in the experience and talent to capture every major and minor detail, energy, and soul of your event through capturing is my promise.  Your start to finish will be covered with guaranteed dedication and commitment, get in touch to discuss your requirements and customization would be a no big issue. Looking forward to being a part of your next event!


I visualize the essence of your events and deliver the highest quality photos soon after the event of in real-time in case of videography during your event for PR purposes- all with the grace of Masha Popova. Looking for variation? Hire Masha Popova to help you create some fun and interaction amongst guests at your event- all through photography. Grab the irresistible package with the complete focus on achieving client needs and provide complete satisfaction with ideal quality outcomes that will go the extra mile to make your event memorable.