How to Achieve Great Results in Indoor Photography

How to Achieve Great Indoor Photography Results

The setting I am going to share with you in this short article is the one that will hopefully really improve the results when you are taking indoor snaps. Although it took me ages to get it just right and discover the perfect settings for the needs of the day, that doesn’t mean you have to spend that time perfecting your shots too.

With indoor photos, especially when you are covering events like weddings and the sort, where the venues are usually churches or large halls, your main aim is to put emphasis on the people in the foreground, will also making sure the focus on the beauty of the indoor and décor is still there.

What Settings Should You Follow

  • First of all, put the camera into the M mode (manual). This setting is easily found on Canon cameras, but do find the same setting for other models.
  • You would want the aperture setting to be at the highest possible level like F4.0 or F2.8.
  • Put the shutter speed to a level at or near 1/60 since going under this level will make it very hard for you to take photos without a tripod or stabilizer. The basic rule here is that you must avoid shooting higher than your focal distance when you are taking pictures handheld.
  • In most cases, the external flash is a must, and the best results will come when you can bounce the flash, or use the catch light reflector that hopefully comes with your flash, which will produce great results.
  • Take a few photos and check the quality of the results.
  • In the last step, you would want to make sure brightness levels are as good as you would like them to be. If the pictures look dull to you, gradually take your ISO to 400 or keep going higher if that’s what you need.