A Guide to the 5 Of the Best Locations for Photography in Dubai
A Guide to the 5 Of the Best Locations for Photography in Dubai

A Guide to the 5 Of the Best Locations for Photography in Dubai

Dubai is known for its stunning skylines and dominating desert regions across the globe. The city showcases excessive wealth, glamour, grandeur stance in all aspects truly living up to its reputation. This city of lights is one of the perfect locations for photographers to unload their passion to capture exquisite, jaw-dropping photographs. The variety of sites from the Arabian desert and its dunes to the pristine coastline and skyline, it never ceases to amaze how unique Dubai sincerely is. This list will give you an insight into the 5 locations that is a must-visit for achieving that photography drive.

The Burj Al Arab

What better way to start your photography expedition, than the stunning one of a kind 7-star hotel: The Burj Al Arab. This notorious hotel, designed by the world-famous Architect Tom Wright has put Dubai on the map due to its luxurious design and interiors. The hotel majestically radiates over the Jumeirah beach and hotel, creating a breath-taking horizon view perfect for that photographic shot. This location will give your camera the ultimate treat of satisfaction.

The Palm Islands Jumeirah

Dubai finds different ways to make themselves more imminent on the map. They recently have outdone themselves by creating one of the man-made archipelago known as “The Palm”. The Palm Jumeirah is one of the three man-made islands across the Dubai coastline making it one the most breath-taking sites to witness. The island harbors the notorious world-wide US hotel chain, “The Atlantis”. This stylized Palm shaped island provides the perfect setting for your themed photoshoots with a variety of natural and luxury viewpoints available. This locale is worth the trip.

The Bastakiya Quarter

Dubai is known for its style and allure but earlier than the prosperous tourism, the place was a completely different region. Dubai was an area where Bedouins lived as herders, date farmers, and fishermen. This place has now been preserved as the “Bastakiya” quarter, Dubai’s oldest historical areas situated across the illuminating Dubai Creek. This location is filled with rich cultural and traditional sites, for that perfect antique photos you desire. 

The Basktiya has an artistic side to its culture. The XVA art gallery is one of the more protruding galleries in the Middle East region, specializing in contemporary paintings created by local artists. This quarter is an abundance of cultural viewpoints for the photoshoots as per your preference.

The Burj Khalifa

Who can forget to mention the spectacular, one of a kind World’s tallest building: The Burj Khalifa. The tower which is over 800 meters has officially proved that Dubai has no boundaries. The Burj Khalifa is designed as a pillar-shaped tower, showcasing its immense height at the beautiful tip. The building is surrounded by parks, alleys, districts, fountains, etc. making it a top photographic tourist destination. This extravagance anchors the only known hotel of ‘Gorgio Armani’ which is impeccable for those stunning lavish photographs. The setting stages a truly oriental luxurious extent, designed and built to exemplify the impossible.

The Arabian Desert

Dubai, the city that never sleeps has developed from its barren lands to one the most outstanding cities in the world. However, Dubai still has a section of the vast Arabian Desert in the Peninsula that is a beautiful sight itself. The stunning red sand and the huge dunes spread across the cosmic area makes this location of the top region to capture your lens. The Arabian Desert is famous for various photo and video shoots deliver the seamless setting for those photo enthusiasts.