I started my photography journey in 2009 when I lived in Libya with my husband and a kid. There was nothing to do, no work for me, and being a housewide drove me crazy.

So then I started photography. I got my first 450D Canon camera with q pretty basix lens and started walking around streets taking photographs of people and architecture.

Later, when I moved to Dubai, I decided to move forward and have photography as my profession, not only hobby. So I opened a Studio which pretty soon became one of the leading photography and cinematography studios in UAE.

For already 5 years as we have done weddings of most beautiful and happy western couples, luxurious Royal UAE weddings and elegant Emirati brides.

Our studio provides both photography and cinematography services and Italian albums to complete your Big Day set.

To learn about our services and rates get in touch with us using the form below or call us on +971 505653491